Welcome to The Smoot Law Firm

Steve Smoot is a Houston attorney who focuses on representing clients in suing their former lawyers for legal malpractice. Legal malpractice includes a variety of civil claims against lawyers which may result in the recovery of damages or the forfeiture of attorney fees. Such legal malpractice claims of wrongdoing may include negligence, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and deceptive trade practices. Mr. Smoot handles legal malpractice claims in Texas, as well as in other states with the association of local counsel.

Legal Profession

Lawyers are indispensable to protecting the many legal rights enjoyed by our citizens - more rights than afforded any other persons in the world, ever. Lawyers enjoy considerable power, prestige, and income in our society. Lawyers also suffer widespread scorn and criticism for such reasons as being perceived to be uncaring, self-serving, greedy, and incompetent. As with all endeavors, there are good lawyers and there are bad lawyers. The vast majority lawyers are good people and competent practitioners. Mr. Smoot is proud to be a lawyer; he is also proud to sue those lawyers who have injured their clients.

Legal Malpractice Statistics

Personal injury and real estate law practices draw the largest number of legal malpractice claims, although many legal malpractice claims are also brought against family law/divorce and estate planning/probate lawyers. Nearly a quarter of all legal malpractice claims involve the preparation, filing or transmitting of documents, while pre-trial matters, the filing of lawsuits, and legal advice account for substantial percentages of other legal malpractice claims. If you have concerns about the legal services you have received, Mr. Smoot will talk to you about those concerns free of charge.